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USB DAQ Module Is Accurate And stable

USB DAQ Module Is Accurate And stable

For portable test-and-measurement apps under the harshest conditions, the DT9824 USB data-acquisition (DAQ) module allows users to simultaneously sample up to four isolated, 24-bit inputs, guaranteeing complete signal measurement protection from all environmental or system noise. With a temperature coefficient of ±0.05 µV/º C and a CMRR of greater than 150 dB, the instrument is both stable and accurate. It also employs ISO-Channel technology, which utilizes galvanic isolation methods to guarantee 1-kV isolation between any input channel to any other input channel and ±500V to earth ground. Other features include four simultaneous analog inputs at throughput rates up to 4.8 kHz, a 24-bit analog input subsystem, optional signal sampling ranges of ±10V with programmable gains of 1, 8, 16, and 32, software and external triggers, 16 (8 in/8 out) opto-isolated digital lines, and a rugged enclosure. Price for the DT9824 is $1,695. DATA TRANSLATION INC., Marlboro, MA. (800) 525-8528.
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