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USB DAQ Module Cranks Throughput At 800 kHz

USB DAQ Module Cranks Throughput At 800 kHz

Packing six individual, synchronous A/D channels, the DT9836S simultaneous USB data-acquisition (DAQ) module provides simultaneous analog inputs operating at rates up to 800-kHz per channel or 4.8-MHz total. Each analog input channel has a separate ADC, eliminating phase shift between each channel. Other features include two 32-bit counter timers, three quadrature decoders, independent clocks and triggers, 16-bit deglitched DACs running at 500-kHz per channel, and 500V of galvanic isolation. Available in two configurations, a BNC connection and OEM version, single-unit pricing starts at $2,025. DATA TRANSLATION INC., Marlboro, MA. (800) 525-8528.


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