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USB Memory Device Makes Medical Records Portable

Walletex Microelectronics announces its cooperation with a growing number of web-based Electronic Health Records solution providers who are using the newly patented credit-card size Wallet Flash USB memory device that allows convenient storage and transport of medical data. Patients and Healthcare Providers can have the most recent information, thereby helping to reduce medical errors. In addition to providing up to 2GB of USB flash memory, the large printable area on both sides of the card functions as a Medical ID with full-color image, details about the individual's medical condition, special medications, emergency contacts, and other information useful to first-responders.

Walletex CEO Avi Dahan says that medical information is one of the most promising markets.

“Demand for personal medical information storage solutions is rapidly increasing, driven by market forces and government regulation. Wallet Flash is an ideal platform because, unlike other USB devices, it fits inside a wallet along with credit cards, making it less likely to get lost or damaged. In comparison to smart cards, it has 1000 times the storage space and communications rate and does not require a dedicated smart card reader."

About Wallet Flash

Wallet Flash is the world's first credit card sized wallet friendly USB Flash Drive. Housed in a stylish and convenient card that is weatherproof and virtually indestructible, it fits neatly into a wallet along with personal bank cards, driver license, and employee ID. Wallet Flash is currently available in storage capacities ranging from 128 MB to 2GB. Wallet Flash received the CES 2006 Innovations Honoree Award, the ProtectStar Innovation Award, and Promotion World's Promotional Gift Award for 2007.

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