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USB Module Deliver 20-MB/s Transfers

USB Module Deliver 20-MB/s Transfers

For adding USB 2.0 to a design, the QuickUSB Module delivers speeds as much as 40 times faster than USB 1.1, in the area of 20 MB/s. The module includes the QuickUSB library that provides user-callable software functions. Measuring 2” x 1.5”, the module implements a USB 2.0 endpoint terminating in a single 80-pin target interface. The interface consists of one eight- or 16-bit parallel port, up to five general-purpose eight-bit parallel I/O ports, two RS-232 ports, one I2C master port, one SPI master port, one FPGA configuration port (Altera PS or Xilinx SS), 2 KB of non-volatile memory, and drivers for Windows 32/64, Linux, and Mac OS X. Single-unit price for the QUSB2 is $149. Bitwise Systems, Goleta, CA. (800) 224-1633.


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