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USB Modules Shred DAQ Costs By More Than Half

On a per-channel basis, the DT9813-10V and DT9814-10V USB data-acquisition modules forecast cost savings in the realm of 55% when compared to similar products. As per user requests, the company squeezes more analog input channels into a single module, resulting in the aforementioned cost savings. The DT9813-10V provides 16 analog input channels and the DT9814-10V offers 24, while both modules include two analog outputs. The DT9813-10V also integrates eight digital I/O lines: four in and four out. Differing only in the number of inputs and digital I/O, both modules feature 12-bit resolution, throughput rate of 50 ksamples/s, an input voltage range of ±10V, and GO! application software. Unit prices for the DT9813-10V and DT9814-10V are $349 and $399, respectively. DATA TRANSLATION INC., Marlboro, MA. (508) 481-3700.


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