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USB Simplifies JTAG/BDM Debug

The usb2Demon JTAG/BDM (Background Debug Mode) emulator from Macraigor Systems can clock 32- and 64-bit targets at speeds up to 24 MHz. This takes advantage of the usb2Demon's USB 2.0 connection. The emulator can handle a wide range of target ports, including JTAG, OnCE, and BDM. The system supports Windows, Linux, and Solaris hosts. The usb2Demon application programming interface (API) is compatible with a wide range of debuggers, including the GNU GDB debugger. The usb2Demon also works with Macraigor's free diagnostic tools available at the company's Web site, such as the Linux- or Windows-based OCD Commander debugger. The usb2Demon costs $750.

Macraigor Systems

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