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Resistors (all 0.25W 5%)

R1 82R
R2,3 27K
R4,8,13,17,20,24,28 22K
R5 5K6
R6,44 1K0
R7,9,18,29 4K7
R10,16,21,52 15K
R27 12K
R20,40 100K
R31,41 220K
R45 100R
R46 2K2
R47 120R
R48 150R
R49 680R
R50 18K
VR1-5 10K Horiz Preset
Slide Control 10K Dual Lin Pot


C1 220n
C2,23 220p
C3,22 100u 16V
C4-6,8,10,12,14,17,24 10n
C7,9,11 470p
C13,16,19 47n
C15,18,21,26,27,29,30-33 100n
C20 470n
C25 2200u 25V
C28 220u 16V


IC1-6 ICM7555
IC7 4077
IC8 4001
IC9 4002
IC10 4066
IC11 CA3260
IC12 7812
TR1,4-9,11 BC558
TR2,3 BC548
TR10 BF244A
D1-10,12-22 1N4148
D11 OA47
D23,24 1N4001


PCB, Case, 1 Pole 12 Way switch, DPDT Toggle Switch, SPST Toggle Switch, Two BNC Sockets, 12-0-12V 250mA Transformer, Mains Flex, Cable Clamp, Knobs.

The plastic case used for the prototype is made by Bafbox, and is available from RS/Electromail, stock no 506-788.

The slide control pot was supplied by Maplin, note that M2 x 12mm countersunk mounting screws and 6mm spacers must be purchased separately.

The non-polarised capacitors should be 0.2" pitch, others sizes may be suitable if the leads are bent. See the notes in the construction section regarding capacitor types. Low cost ceramic disk capacitors are suitable.

Since the unit is likely to be permanently connected to the mains, a 250mA transformer should be used. The 100mA types run fairly hot at a continuous 50mA.

This project, including all text, images and diagrams, is copyright 1991 - 2003 Paul Stenning. No part of this article may be reproduced in any form without prior written permission from Paul Stenning and WallyWare, inc. All details are believed to be accurate, but no liability can be accepted for any errors.

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