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Video Stabilizer Works With TI’s DaVinci Processors

Human Monitoring Ltd. has introduced a high-definition (HD) stabilizer for user-generated applications based on Texas Instruments’ digital media processors using TI’s DaVinci technology. The XDM-compliant Leonardo Video Stabilizer supports 60 frames/s and 1080p resolution on TI’s processors, including the TMS320DM6467.

The stabilizer solution supports ultra-wide jitter cancellation, scalable-range of jitter frequency, and configurable latency starting from a single field. Leonardo offers real-time stabilization while completing the cropped parts of the stabilized stream temporally, avoiding the need for up-scaling. These features, which were once available only to professionals, are now available to a larger number of video content producers as well.

“TI is committed to helping solve our customers’ application challenges, and with this new video technology they do not need expensive stand-alone boxes,” said John Smrstik, general manager of TI’s video infrastructure business. “Instead of these costly units, our customers can now perform video stabilization using just a fraction of a single DM6467 processor. HM’s Leonardo turns video stabilization into an even more affordable feature.”

Texas Instruments

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