Electronic Design

Vieo Fabric Manager

Vieo's complete InfiniBand management stack targets OEM products, including existing third-party, network-management tools from companies like Veritas, Tivoli, and Prisa. Vieo provides a management console that OEMs can use. But the company expects its management offering support to be incorporated into network management tools.

Phase 1 of Vieo's plans includes a complete software management stack and hardware agents. The stack supports Vieo's FabricView and has an API to access its service and network agents. Hooks are available to access vendor-specific features (see the figure).

Vieo's FabricView Management Console currently runs on Linux. It operates as a standalone application that plugs into APIs in Vieo's management stack. FabricView Translation Modules have been created for third-party management products using this API. The stack supports any mix of applications. APIs are available from kernel or user space.

Phase 2 targets InfiniBand application software support. Third-party applications will, therefore, be able to manage features like policy and quality of service, providing a more robust interface than the basic management console.

The SDK is available now for $10,000. Royalties for agent software and FabricView are negotiated on a per-contract basis.

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