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Visual Programming Environment Eases Real-Time Development Crunch

The development and testing of embedded real-time software is said to be made quicker, easier and more cost-effective through use of Rhapsody 2.0, an object-oriented design and implementation environment. The software is claimed as the first Unified Modeling Language tool to provide full life-cycle support for rapid turns of embedded real-time software.The tool automatically generates full production code, including the underlying architecture, behavioral characteristics and real-time framework. Its model/code associativity capability is said to accelerate the process of generating full-functioning, real-time embedded software by closing the loop in iterative development. The new features are said to make development even easier by adding reverse engineering capabilities, increasing options for design reuse and for design-level debugging and expanding UML support. In the new version, product support for "out-of-box" RTOS and compiler tools is increased, giving designers more debug options.

Company: I-LOGIX INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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