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Voice Engine Plug-In Promises Improved QoS

Introduced as the latest version of the company’s software plug-in, the GIPS VoiceEngine 1.1 contains a new high-level API that provides all of the interfaces and components needed to improve sound in any Voice over IP software application. Version 1.1 adds features for improved quality of service (QoS), including support for adding data encryption technology to protect call privacy, enhanced network data monitoring features, and improvements to port handling to increase usability. To enhance user privacy when making calls over the Internet, new interfaces support integration of encryption algorithms. For enhanced network management, a new Real-Time Control Protocol (RTCP) statistics generator facilitates the design of applications that show network conditions such as packet loss and jitter. Improved port handling makes it possible to set UDP (User Datagram Protocol) source ports and read incoming RTP streams for source ports. This allows applications to better traverse firewalls and network address translators (NATs). The GIPS VoiceEngine is typically configured with GIPS SoundWare modules such as GIPS NetEQ, GIPS Enhanced G.711 and GIPS iPCM-wb modules to significantly reduce the effects of packet loss, delay and jitter. GLOBAL IP SOUND INC., San Francisco, CA. (415) 397 2555.


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