Electronic Design

Web Development Kit Offers Seamless Integration

The DeviceMate Development Kit provides a comprehensive and low-cost solution for designers who want to quickly Web-enable new or existing devices and systems. This kit offers a seamless integration of powerful hardware and software. It lets users remotely monitor and supervise any programmable device equipped with a serial interface.

This kit contains everything needed to jumpstart development, including the RCM2200 core module as the DeviceMate unit. The system also features complete DeviceMate software with no royalties or license fees, as well as an easy-to-use demonstration system. DeviceMate can use TCP and UDP sockets. It can also serve dynamic Web pages, read inputs and variables remotely, and log data generated by the target system. The software feature set combines the industry-proven Dynamic C development system with all the necessary sample programs and library support for both the DeviceMate unit and target system.

The DeviceMate Development Kit costs as low as $34 per unit in quantities of 1000.

(530) 757-3737; www.zworld.com

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