Electronic Design

Web Page Lets Users “Build” Workbench

A new Web site created by Pro-Line, www.industrialworkbenches.com features an informative and user-friendly “3D Build-A-Bench” page. The page allows the user to virtually build and view from almost infinite angles a 3D rendering of a Pro-Line Model HD workbench. Users can select work surface colors and painted steel colors, and add modular accessories such as an articulating monitor arm, an overhead light fixture, a variety of drawers, an electrical supply, shelves, and more. Throughout the “building” process, users can pan, rotate, and zoom the image to view the workbench from a variety of perspectives.

Incorporating a heavy-duty, independent four-leg design, the Model HD provides a highly functional 1000-pound capacity. It is a “workhorse” workbench that can be used in virtually any laboratory or production environment.

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