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Web Server Embedded In New Real-Time Operating System

Designed to help OEMs quickly adapt products to the Internet, the MicroRTOS real-time operating system is claimed to be the first x86-based OS to incorporate multi-user, real-time operation, a TCP/IP stack, and a web page server. The new RTOS supports process control, monitoring and measurement functions for factory, office and home automation applications, all of which are rapidly migrating to the Internet. By combining control and network functions, MicroRTOS allows system developers to assemble remotely accessible systems on a common integrated platform.
MicroRTOS V1.01 is said to offer all of the functions needed to embed a web app in a system or instrument, including: the embedded web server function running as a MicroRTOS system task; an integrated pre-emptive real-time kernel; communication and data sharing between the system, user developed tasks, application CGI programs, and Java applets; Ethernet interface capabilities supported by a TCP/IP stack; Console A and B system tasks that support user/developer local access through two RS-232 ports; system calls for controlling digital and analog I/Os and real-time clock; and a web server and user application task auto-run mechanism. MicroRTOS is available in a hardware/software development kit for $449.

Company: XECOM INC. - Advanced Web Communications Division

Product URL: Click here for more information

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