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WI-FI Sensor Module Enables Five-Year Battery Life

The WSN802G 802.11 b/g sensor module is the company’s first RF module to integrate the GainSpan GS1010 system on chip, reportedly the lowest power Wi-Fi chip solution on the market today. Allegedly, the WSN802G delivers an exceptionally low power profile and long battery life, in the realm of five years, in a fully functional, certified radio module that easily interfaces to existing Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) infrastructure for a wide variety of sensor monitoring and WLAN applications. To achieve low power consumption and long battery life, the module combines 1 Mb/s and 2 Mb/s data rates with an advanced sleep management feature that puts the module to sleep between active periods. Depending on the frequency of active periods, a single AA Lithium cell can provide a battery life in excess of five years. When the module is active, its current consumption is less than 200 mA and its sleep current consumption is less than 8 ?A. Other features include a configurable automatic I/O reporting capability and the ability to collect sensor data directly from devices using its analog, digital and serial I/O. Pricing is $39 each/10,000. For more details, view the WSN802G datasheet at RF MICRO DEVICES INC., Greensboro, NC. (336) 664-1233.

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