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Windows App Boosts Basic

The latest version of the company's HTBasic, version 8.0, is said to represent the single largest introduction of new functionality to the Rocky Mountain BASIC language since 1980. New features include a Windows-style editor, a new debugger, and support for several new functions aimed at expediting the migration of an estimated 300,000 HP Basic workstation users to a PC-based Rocky Mountain BASIC language.
The new debugger streamlines program development with global and conditional breakpoints, stepped functions, and six new debugger watch windows. Other new features include a dynamic link toolkit, which allows DLLs written in C/C++ to be called directly from HTBasic programs.
HTBasic provides the Rocky Mountain BASIC integrated program development environment including transfer utilities to move files between HP BASIC workstations and Windows PCs. The application is available now and is priced at $995. Updates start at $275.


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