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Wireless DAQ And PXIe Modules Handle Sound/Vibration Apps

The company’s latest wireless data-acquisition (DAQ) module and two PXI Express modules target sound and vibration applications. The WLS-9234 wireless dynamic signal acquisition module streams data over the IEEE 802.11g (Wi-Fi) standard to distributed monitoring systems while the PXI Express DSA modules, the PXIe-4496 and PXIe-4498, make it possible to acquire data from 272 channels at full rate in a single PXI Express chassis. The WLS-9234 offers four simultaneously acquired input channels, each with 24-bit resolution and a maximum 51.2-ksample/s sampling rate. The module delivers 102 dB of dynamic range and incorporates software-selectable ac/dc coupling and integrated electronic piezoelectric signal conditioning for accelerometers and microphones. In addition, the module features support for direct Ethernet connection. The PXIe-4496 and PXIe-4498 modules offer 16 simultaneously acquired channels, each with 24-bit resolution, 204.8 ksample/s maximum sampling rates, and a 113 dB dynamic range. The modules are designed for interfacing with accelerometers and microphones that require constant current power. Prices for the WLS-9234, PXIe-4496, and PXIe-4498 start from $1,999, $7,999, and $10,999, respectively. NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS, Austin, TX. (800) 258-7022.


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