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Wireless Webcasts Become A Reality

Since their inception, Internet video cameras have had to be tethered to bulky PCs. Their need for an IP address effectively limited the cameras' range and usefulness. In contrast, the new Wireless-B Internet Video Camera (WVC11B) from Linksys—a division of Cisco Systems—contains its own IP address. It can connect directly to any Ethernet or WLAN network. As a result, users will soon be able to view live video from web browsers anywhere in the world.

MPEG-4 video compression is just one of this camera's noteworthy features. The WVC11B also can send e-mail notifications when motion is detected. In addition, it can record images with date and time stamps. Weighing only half a pound, the camera flaunts a slim design and unique form factor. It's easy to install and can even be used to set up an affordable wireless-video-monitoring system.

Viewing access is available from nearly any Internet location. Once the camera is connected to the Internet, it can be used to monitor a number of activities. To manage and control access to the camera, users create password-protected accounts. Up to four users can be logged onto these accounts simultaneously from outside the home or office.

The company is also offering a free 90-day trial of its SoloLink service, which keeps track of IP addresses. A one-year subscription starts at $19.99.

The WVC11B camera is now available. Its suggested price is $229.00. For more information, go to

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