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XMC Packs Data Encryption And Instant Purge Features

XMC Packs Data Encryption And Instant Purge Features

The XMC-552 NAND flash solid state drive XMC/PMC card is visible to the system as two independent SATA drives and is available in 64-, 128-, or 256-GB configurations. Designed for military environments, it provides 128-bit AES data encryption using a programmable key, an instant purge function that enables the erasure of all memory within four seconds, and secure data erase. The sequential read performance of the flash memory is 200 MB/s, which can be increased to 400 MB per second with RAID 0 software. The card also supports ECC NAND flash correction that can correct up to eight random single-bit errors per 512-byte sectors and a wear leveling algorithm that spreads program/erase cycles evenly across the media to mitigate premature device failure due to frequent data overwrites. Software support includes drivers for VxWorks, Wind River, Linux, and Windows. CURTISS-WRIGHT CONTROLS EMBEDDED COMPUTING, Leesburg, VA. (703) 779-7800.

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