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ZigBee Software Goes Pro

Catering to larger and more advanced networks, EmberZNet PRO debuts as a professional-grade version of the company's ZigBee wireless networking software and as the market's first ZigBee Pro draft-compliant network stack. ZigBee Pro is the next-generation ZigBee standard, which will be ratified in the coming months. The application has been tested on a 500-node test network to ensure reliable operation in a massive network under real-world conditions. Designed for self-organizing, self-healing wireless systems using a mesh networking topology, it promises high reliability, high security, multi-vendor interoperability, low cost, long battery life, and provides integrated network management. To simplify application development and improve performance, an open-source serial interface, called EZSP, allows users to port existing applications to the emerging ZigBee platform. It also supports software upgrades over the air after devices have been installed, ensuring compatibility with future ZigBee-standard upgrades. EmberZNet PRO will be available this quarter and comes bundled for no charge with the EM250 system-on-a-chip and EM260 network co-processor. EMBER CORP., Boston, MA. (617) 951-0200.

Company: EMBER CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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