European Research Project Aims For Greener Electronics

European Research Project Aims For Greener Electronics

Catania, Italy: The partners in a new publicly funded research project have announced their multinational/multidisciplinary program, END — Models, Solutions, Methods and Tools for Energy-Aware Design.

This three-year European Nanoelectronics Initiative Advisory Council (ENIAC) project is designed to enhance the competitiveness of Europe’s semiconductor and electronics equipment companies in developing new products and technologies that are at the forefront of energy efficiency.

The END project will pursue energy efficiency through an innovative holistic approach that unifies, under a common design platform, the development of modelling, simulation, design, and EDA techniques for a wide range of devices and systems such as digital blocks, analog/RF blocks, and discrete components. The project will also address the conception and experimentation of new power-supply systems, with a particular emphasis on energy management.

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