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Extension Inked For Cortex-M Licensing Agreement

ARM and NXP prolonged their strategic relationship with a long-term subscription licensing agreement centred on the ARM Cortex-M series processors for microcontrollers. Under the agreement, NXP will also work with ARM in developing and expanding its future MCU roadmap in areas such as performance and energy efficiency.

NXP has shipped over one billion ARM processor-based solutions to date, and offers more than 250 microcontrollers based on ARM processors. The company’s Cortex-M0, Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 series processor-based microcontrollers offer a range of features, peripherals and memory options.

For instance, the Cortex-M0-based LPC1100 series features what the company claims is the industry’s lowest active power, along with a footprint that starts at 5mm\\[SUPERSCRIPT 2\\]. Other NXP microcontrollers based on the Cortex-M0 include the LPC11C00 series with integrated CAN transceivers, as well as the recently announced LPC1200 Industrial Control series.

NXP also offers Cortex-M3-based MCUs like the LPC1700 series supported by the mbed rapid prototyping tool, as well as the 150MHz LPC1800 series. And for the Cortex-M4 processor, there’s the LPC4000 asymmetrical dual-core digital signal controller.


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