IC breeds smaller, cooler designs

The SmartRectifier chip, according to developer International Rectifier, simplifies and improves efficiency in secondary synchronous rectification (SR) for high-power flyback and resonant half-bridge converter circuits.

The company believes the IR1167 SmartRectifier IC will enable smaller, cooler designs in applications like ac-dc power converters for laptops, mini- PCs, LCD and PDP televisions, game systems, and other digital computing and home-entertainment systems.

In 100 to 300W flyback circuits, traditional complex and bulky current transformer control circuits waste energy because large reversing currents are needed to sense polarity shifts through the SR MOSFETs. In contrast, IR’s IC employs a new technique for direct sensing of voltage thresholds across the SR MOSFETs. This is beneficial because it provides control levels that minimise power losses. The IR1167 can increase overall system efficiency by 1% while reducing SR parts count by 75%, says the company.

Since the SmartRectifier IC uses IR’s proprietary HVIC technology, it’s compatible with all MOSFET gate types.

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