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MLVs Kick ESD/EMI In The CANbus

While putting the reins on ESD in automotive designs, the CANBus series multi-layer varistors (MLVs) also provide a layer of EMI and RFI protection. The surface-mount devices replace three components that typically protect against transient voltage spikes—two back-to-back zeners and a capacitor in parallel—and are suitable for use in LIN-, CAN-, and J1850-bus topologies. Notable specs include the ability to handle peak in-rush currents up to 4A, a FIT rate of less than or equal to 0.1, transient energy ratings of 0.015 Joules, working voltages up to 18V, and a capacitance of 22 pF at 1 MHz. Available in 0603-size discrete chips, as well as 0405 two-element and 0612 four-element arrays, pricing starts at $0.055 for single-element devices. AVX CORP., Myrtle Beach, SC. (843) 448-9411.

Company: AVX CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Automotive
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