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OptiMOS FETs Come In CanPAK Packaging

OptiMOS FETs Come In CanPAK Packaging

Neubiberg, Germany: The Infineon Technologies OptiMOS medium-voltage power MOSFETs are now available in the CanPAK package, which uses DirectFET technology licensed from International Rectifier (see the figure). These devices can be used in dc-dc converters, solar micro-inverters, maximum power point trackers (MPPTs) in solar energy systems, low-voltage drives, and synchronous rectification for servers.

Compared to standard discrete packages, the CanPAK metal “can” construction enables double-sided cooling along with almost no package parasitic inductances. Thermal resistance on the top side of the package is low (1.5 K/W versus 55K/W for a traditional DPAK), which allows efficient device cooling from still air convection in the power conversion systems of solar energy installations or fan-assisted airflow, which is common in servers for data centres.


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