Shielding brings design flexibility

Chomerics Europe added two UL94 V0 flame-rated materials to its shielding family: the CHO-MUTE 9005 and CHO-MUTE 9025 elastomeric materials. Designed to deliver microwave and radio frequency absorption, these materials are able to absorb low (below 1GHz) frequencies.

CHO-MUTE 9005 provides up to 25dB of absorption across a frequency range of 500MHz to 18GHz, whilst CHO-MUTE 9025 gives a maximum of 20dB absorption between frequencies of 30MHz and 12GHz. Both materials are efficient at absorbing RF surface wave currents, free-space electromagnetic waves, and energy in a resonant cavity.

The 9005 and 9025 can be used to eliminate EMI and EMC problems in transmitters, transceivers, microcontrollers, and microprocessors. Potential applications include handheld electronics devices such as wireless voice or data telecoms equipment, infotainment, and PDAs. Applications also exist in military electronics, antenna performance, and office and telecoms infrastructure equipment.

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