Electronic Design

System Supplies High-Current Power For 10,000-A Loads

The BZA 130 21 is a bulk power system that is designed to power any type of communications equipment that requires −48 V dc. It can provide high-current power for loads up to 10,000 A. One cabinet can house seven 150-A rectifiers, with only two 480-V ac input feeders required per rectifier cabinet. The rectifiers, which are plug and play, can accommodate a wide variety of distribution types. These types include 70- to 800-A fuses and 3- to 100-A circuit breakers. Overall, the rectifiers offer up to 12 high-current distribution points located within one cabinet Contact the company for pricing.

Ericsson Inc., Energy Systems, 701 N. Glenville Dr., Richardson, TX 75081; (888) 85-ENERGY; www.ericsson.com/US/energy.

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