GNSS Simulator Supports Chinese BeiDou Standard

GNSS Simulator Supports Chinese BeiDou Standard

Rohde & Schwarz extended the SMBV100A vector signal generator’s functionality by adding BeiDou/Compass capability to its integrated GNSS simulator.  It now covers the BeiDou standard as well as the GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS satellite navigation systems.

With the new SMBV-K107 option, real-time scenarios can be generated using up to 24 BeiDou satellites. It supports all possible BeiDou orbits. As a result, it’s able to even simulate satellites not yet in orbit. The system also supports hybrid scenarios with GPS, Galileo, or GLONASS satellites. A software update facilitates upgrades to existing GNSS simulators for BeiDou—no hardware modifications are required.  

Options for simulating realistic effects include signal obscuration and multipath propagation. Such scenarios can now be configured for BeiDou, too.  

The SMBV100A doesn’t require an external PC for testing receivers and components of satellite-based navigation systems. It also simulates mobile radio, wirelesss, and radio standards.


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