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SL Power focuses on test and measurement at ITC

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Seattle, WA. SL Power Electronics chose the International Test Conference to exhibit its line of power supplies targeted at test and measurement applications. Paul Kingsepp, product manager, said test and measurement is one area of focus for the company; others include LED lighting and medical applications. Of specific concern to designers of test and measurement equipment, he said, are specs such as common-mode noise in addition to efficiency as well as EMI and EMC compliance. 

The company makes both internal and external supplies. Kingsepp said Tektronix uses an external SL supplies for some of its oscilloscopes, and Waters uses an internal supply for a chromatography mass detector.

Specific products on exhibit included the TU425 Series 425-W, single-output AC/DC internal power supply, which finds use in instruments such as oscilloscopes, analyzers, test boards, and chromatography mass detectors as well as in industrial process-control systems that require clean, reliable power. Offering up to 90% efficiencies, the TU425 meets EMC requirements per EN 61000-4.

Also on display were SL Power’s CINT 1175 and 1275 internal power supplies, which offer high power density as well as 88 to 92% efficiencies. These supplies meet Class B requirements for conducted emissions and Class A standards for radiated emissions. They offer a convection rating of 120 W in a 2 x 4-in. footprint and 180 W in a 3 x 5-in. package. The CINT models measure under 1U in height and feature wide-range input for worldwide applications. For more information visit

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