Helmut Hartl

Head of Research & Development, Automotive Division

Helmut Hartl is a recognized authority for glass-to-metal sealing technology, especially with respect to its use in automotive and battery applications. Glass-to-metal sealing is an established process used to create hermetic barriers in many harsh environment applications, notably in automotive passive safety systems, automotive sensors, and lithium primary batteries. Mr. Hartl has authored a number of published works and holds numerous patents on this technology and its applications.    

He and his team recently received the “Innovator of the Year 2018” award for the development of the “Glass-to-Aluminium Technology for Supercapacitors” (awarded by the German industry publication “Design & Elektronik”). Helmut Hartl studied Mechanical & Electrical Engineering in Vienna and has worked in the field of Glass-to-Metal Sealing for more than 40 years.