Markus Levy

Director of Machine Learning Technologies, NXP Semiconductors

Markus Levy joined NXP in 2017 as the Director of AI and Machine Learning Technologies. In this position, he is focused primarily on the technical strategy, roadmap, and marketing of AI and machine learning capabilities for NXP's microcontroller and i.MX applications processor product lines. Previously, Markus was chairman of the board of EEMBC, which he founded and ran as the President since April 1997. Mr. Levy was also president of the Multicore Association, which he co-founded in 2005.

Before that, he was senior analyst at Microprocessor Report and an editor at EDN magazine. Markus began his career at Intel Corp., as both a senior applications engineer and customer training specialist for Intel's microprocessor and flash-memory products. Markus volunteered for 13 years as a first responder—fighting fires and saving lives.