Robert Bleidt

Robert Bleidt, Division General Manager of Fraunhofer USA Digital Media Technologies, is the inventor of the award-winning Sonnox/Fraunhofer codec plug-in, widely used in music mastering. He led the extension of Fraunhofer’s codec business to an open-source model with its inclusion in Android, and developed Fraunhofer’s Symphoria automotive audio business.

Before joining Fraunhofer, he was president of Streamcrest Associates, a product and business strategy consulting firm in new media technologies. Previously, he was Director of Product Management and Business Strategy for the MPEG-4 business of Philips Digital Networks and managed the development of Philips’ Emmy-winning asset management system for television broadcasting.

Prior to joining Philips, Mr. Bleidt served as Director of Marketing and New Business Development for Sarnoff Real Time Corp., a video-on-demand venture of Sarnoff Labs. Before that, he was Director of Mass Storage Technology and inventor of SRTC's Carousel algorithm.