Bill Melendez

Product Development Engineer, RealPage/Stratis IoT

My background is in electronics engineering and computer programming. I started my electronics training in the Jacksonville, Florida-based Navy Aviation Electronics course, Camp LeJune advanced aircraft electronics training course, and a tour in the Army as a Communications Electronics Signal Officer.

As a Signal Officer, my role was to deploy and manage mobile Tactical Wireless communications systems. While on tour in the Korean DMZ, I enjoyed helping the technicians troubleshoot the electrical systems on the Black Hawk helicopters.

Once out of the military, I pursued a technical engineering role in wireless networks, which led to my present position as a Product Development Engineer at RealPage-Stratis IoT. Before my current role, I designed and manufactured Smart Sockets home appliances (wireless watt-hour AC outlet plugs) for my own startup company, Hemstech. Overall, I have over 25 years of experience working on wireless networks and electronics solutions.

I have a Bachelor's in Education Administration and an MBA in Marketing. My current hobbies are doing Java programming, tinkering with electronics, and learning Blender 3D graphics. I still freelance art designing.