3U VPX Board Supports Intel Xeon E-2200

The latest 3U VPX board from Concurrent Technologies sports a Xeon E-2200 processor along with 32 GB of DDR and multiple PCIe interfaces.

Concurrent Technologies has a new 3U VPX processor board, the TR E8x/msd (Fig. 1). It’s based on Intel’s Xeon E-2200 processor family designed for long-lifecycle embedded applications.  The standard air-cooled configuration comes with a six-core, 2.8-GHz Intel Xeon E-2276ME processor. The board includes 32 GB of soldered DDR4 memory.


1. Concurrent Technologies’ air-cooled TR E8x/msd 3U VPX board hosts an Intel Xeon E-2200.

Multiple PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 3 interfaces allow for connection to a number of peripherals without the need for a PCIe switch (Fig. 2). The typical configuration includes a pair of x4 data-plane ports. Up to three additional x4 ports can be added. The on-board PCIe switch supports the DMA and Non-Transparent Bridging capability that’s useful in multi-processor board configurations. 


2. The TR E8x/msd has a pair of 1-Gb Ethernet ports on the P1 connector and an optional port on the front panel.

On-board processor-based graphics include support for DisplayPort on the front panel. There’s a pair of 1-Gb/s Ethernet ports on the P1 connector and one for the optional front panel. The board also includes a selection of serial, USB 2.0, and SATA interfaces on the P1 connector. Additional options include an XMC or I/O front panel and a SATA solid-state-disk module. VPX interface standards supported include VITA 46.6, VITA 65, and VITA 46.9.

All TR E8x/msd boards are equipped with Boot Guard, and Secure Boot is permanently enabled. A TPM 2.0 device offers secure, encrypted key storage. Concurrent Technologies can also provide optional sanitization utilities or its proprietary security package to prevent intrusion attacks.

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