The QM22 super-compact encoder with high resolution and built-in brushless DC motor commutation

Mini Rotary Encoders Built for BLDC Servo Apps

This new series of encoders from Quantum Devices features high resolution and built-in brushless dc motor.

Quantum Devices Inc. recently announced a new series of miniature incremental optical encoders. Each of the encoders in the QM22 series has a 22-mm diameter and 12.4-mm thickness.

According to the company, the new incremental encoders, which fit on a NEMA 11 BLDC servomotor, are well-suited for high-volume OEM applications. The QM22 offers high resolution and a variety of electrical commutation options.

The unit is capable of high-precision positioning and comes with line counts up to 2500, says Quantum Devices. Multiple integrated commutation output options, including 4-, 6-, or 8-pole configurations, eliminate the need for additional external commutation peripherals such as hall boards. Immunity from EMI/RFI noise extends the range of suitable applications of the series.

The QM22 miniature encoder consists of a modular, bearingless design that features an easy-to-install lock-and-twist assembly method. With its hermetically sealed LED and patented sensor design, the QM22 encoder is designed to maximize performance and reliability in a miniature package, says the company. The encoder is REACH- and RoHS-compliant.

For OEMs with existing designs that use the now-obsoleted Heidenhain/Renco R22i encoder line, the QM22 is an ideal replacement.

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