Electronic Design Europe: 12.4.08

From The Digital Edition: December 4, 2008

Is It A Plane? A Wind Turbine? No, It’s A Pirate Ship
How do you tell the difference between an aircraft, an offshore wind turbine, or a pirate ship intending to hijack an oil tanker? Answer: holographic radar. The recent act of piracy perpetrated against the Sirius Star super tanker has highlighted the advantages of holographic radar over more conventional systems...

LTE Picocell And Femtocell Reference Designs Revealed
MCU Protects Against Card Sharks

Farnell To Distribute Altera FPGAs In Europe

Dialog Wins NMI Award For OLED Technology

Spansion Sues Samsung Over Patent Infringement

Conquer COTS Component Lifetime Challenges
Lifetime component-management responsibilities transfer from vendors to purchasers with greater usage of COTS components in high-reliability apps.

TAGS: Components
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