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Keyless Entry Doesn't Even Need Your Hands

Nobody likes fumbling for car keys while carrying an armload of groceries. Even a pushbutton clicker can be inconvenient when it's buried in a pocket or purse. Yet the hands-free VML S system from ELA Innovation spares drivers these annoyances by automatically locking and unlocking car doors. More seriously, it also adds another layer of protection against theft.

The VML S system is compatible with any vehicle equipped or not with a central locking system. Drivers can wear or carry the system's badge, which broadcasts a signal recognized by the VML S receiver located inside the vehicle. Doors unlock when the driver approaches the car, and they systematically lock when the driver moves away. The car's hazard lights flash to indicate that the system has been activated.

The system is I-ETS 300-683 EMC compliant, emitting only 250 nW. It has a range of 100 ft and a lifespan of one to six years, depending on model and use. Also, it can be used with other automatic systems, like gates, doors, lighting, and alarms, equipped with suitable receivers. For details, go to www.ela.fr.

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