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  • Flash Memory Summit 2022
  • Flash Memory Summit 2022

    Check out the latest storage technologies and products.
    Image credit: Samsung Electronics.
    Samsung 2nd Gen Smart Ssd

    Samsung Brings More Smarts to Computational Storage with AMD

    Aug. 26, 2022
    The second-generation SmartSSD is upgrading from Xilinx's Kintex FPGA to AMD's Versal Prime SoC.
    Image credit: SK Hynix
    Sk Hynix 1

    Memory Chip Makers Take 3D NAND Up a Level

    Aug. 10, 2022
    Micron and SK Hynix are turning up the pressure on each other with 3D NAND chips made up of more than 230 layers.
    Image credit: Microchip Technology
    Microchip Smc 2000 Launch Image

    How CXL Fits into the Future of Memory

    Aug. 5, 2022
    Microchip's new SMC 2000 series helps open the door to CXL-attached memory in the data center.
    Image credit: Micron Technology
    Micron 3 D Nand 232 Promo

    3D NAND Flash Memory Stacked High at Micron

    Aug. 4, 2022
    The company has started mass production of its most advanced 3D NAND chips made up of 232 layers of memory cells. The competition sits close behind.
    Image credit: Nikolai Kuvshinov, Dreamstime
    Dreamstime Xl 150812559 Green

    NVIDIA Joins Push to Create Standard Chiplet Interconnect

    Aug. 3, 2022
    The company is putting its weight behind the emerging UCIe standard for universal chiplet connectivity.

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    Image credit: Silicon Motion
    Mon Titan Silicon Motion

    New SSD Platform Leverages PCIe Gen 5 NAND Flash Controllers

    Aug. 1, 2022
    Silicon Motion is upping its NVMe NAND flash-memory controllers to support PCIe Gen 5, ushering in a greater level of performance, reliability, and security.