Celebrate Star Wars Days with Some of Its Best Tech

May 7, 2024
Use the force to gain insight into some of the exciting and festive projects that fans have made to celebrate the Star Wars holidays.

What was better than celebrating May the Fourth? Revenge of the Fifth! For those that missed both, there’s still an opportunity to celebrate all things Star Wars through the eyes of the engineers and makers who got the opportunity to have their projects cast into the spotlight. From lightsabers to droids, these projects manage to capture the essence of a galaxy far, far away, with imaginative and creative skills to bring some of that technology home to this planet for all to enjoy.

It’s also essential to reflect on why May the Fourth and Revenge of the Fifth became unofficial holidays. The love of a science-fiction universe and the characters that inhabit it have brought millions together over the decades. Both young and old have taken inspiration from that galaxy far, far away to create incredible projects that defy boundaries and allow others to experience the joy and the magic that went into their creation. That is the power of Star Wars.

With that said, we included 10 entries for this year’s celebration in 2024, each ranging in different complexities and difficulties but still retaining what makes the Star Wars universe so unique:

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