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Electric Motorcycles Speak Performance with a Sexy Italian Accent

Nov. 30, 2020
Set for limited production in 2021, the three models in the family feature a powertrain that consists of two electric motors sharing a common five-speed gearbox.

When Soriano Motorcycles line of hand-crafted, electric ballistic vehicles enters production in the spring of 2021, their strong performance, unique technical features, and passionate styling may finally make e-bikes sexy—in the same way the Tesla Roadster did for EVs. Even the company itself is unique, a "re-startup" of Soriano Motori, a family-owned manufacturing firm that produced stylish scooters, powerful outboard motors, and other power equipment back in the 1930s and 40s.

The new company's CEO, Marco Soriano, a descendant of the first company's founder, has created three limited production motorcycles that honor the graceful styling of their predecessors and echo their spirit of quirky technical innovation.

All three Soriano models (V1-R, V1-S, V1-Gara) are variants of the Giaguaro platform, which uses a unique powertrain, consisting of two electric motors sharing a common five-speed gearbox. The two motors are different sizes, arranged in what the company calls a "boxer" configuration (Soriano declined to provide additional details at this time).

The V1-R and V1-S twin motors produce a maximum total output of 58 kW; the V1-Gara produces 62 kW. According to the company, the motor's outputs can be combined in different ratios to generate different performance and economy modes. Soriano says that the transmission allows the rider to decelerate and accelerate aggressively the same way a gasoline bike would, while avoiding wheel lock when entering corners.

It's not clear whether there are any technical advantages to using two motors, but it certainly honors the unique style of their namesakes' products, such as the twin-screw outboard motor shown below. In that same tradition, Soriano is the only electric motorcycle I know of that has a gearbox, and only the second one to offer a reverse gear (the Vectrix VX-1 offered one back in 2006).

Soriano has tucked its drivetrain into a performance-oriented chassis that commands your attention with an unmistakably Italian accent. Its low curb weight (for an electric) of 550 lb. was achieved by using composites and a new battery design. The bikes combine high style with innovative engineering, offering features like a mono-shock front suspension and a combination speedometer/systems monitor mounted cleanly in the vehicle's “tank.”

These machines are as fast as they are sexy—the higher-powered Gara can cruise at up to 120 mph, with a maximum speed of 140 mph. If you restrain yourself to legal speeds, Soriano says its optional large battery pack will give you a 200-km range and can be charged in six hours using the onboard 3-kW charger.

The base price ranges from $30,000 for the V-1R to $38,500 for the V1-Gara, which includes door-to-door delivery of your machine and the first year's dues in an exclusive network of Soriano Motorcycle clubhouses the company claims to be building in several cities around the world. For more information, visit https://www.sorianomotori.com/?currency=USD.  

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