Auto industry prepares for in-vehicle emergency services mandate

June 11, 2015

Crawley, UK. Spirent Communications has unveiled its eCall and ERA-GLONASS In-Vehicle Systems (IVS) test solution to verify the functionality and protocol conformance of the eCall and ERA GLONASS enabled vehicular systems. eCall and ERA GLONASS will soon become mandatory in new vehicles in Europe and Russia, respectively.

eCall and ERA-GLONASS enabled emergency services use modern navigation, telecommunication, and information technologies to cut emergency services response time by 50 to 60% and are expected to decrease road fatalities by 10% per year. To ensure these services meet government-mandated requirements, the eCall/ERA-GLONASS IVS must be tested for all possible real world scenarios with highly accurate GPS and/or GLONASS simulation.

With a modular design, the Spirent solution can simulate selected parts of the real automotive environment to enable IVS testing or whole environment for closed-loop testing. It also enables designers to optimize their emergency and locations systems with performance testing that provide better sensitivity or greater resilience in weak signal areas. The system also meets the Russian GOST-R specifications with all 17 GOST-R 5534-2013 test cases pre-programmed.

“eCall and ERA-GLONASS represent a huge opportunity to save lives, but they also represent a time-sensitive challenge for the automotive industry to have their systems ready,” said Pete Nicholson, general manager of Spirent¹s Automotive division. “Our solution will help vehicle makers and IVS vendors verify their systems ahead of the upcoming legal requirements. It offers a scalable approach that is both highly controllable and flexible, so ensuring accurate and repeatable test results to reduce product development time.”

The Spirent eCall and ERA-GLONASS IVS test solution uses the Spirent GSS6700 or GSS6300M global navigation satellite system (GNSS) simulators, to evaluate location performance, and the eCall/ERA GLONASS Simulator Platform, which provides fast, simple and repeatable test execution and analysis.

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