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Auto-Qualified High-Side Switch Includes Enhanced Current-Sense Features

Feb. 21, 2023
Offering a 40% smaller footprint, the N-channel switch developed by Renesas integrates features that bring it to an intelligent-power-device level.

Even the highly sophisticated electronics of today’s cars—whether EV, BEW, or ICE—with almost countless sensors, processors, and their algorithms, need basic power-control devices. The RAJ2810024H12 from Renesas Electronics Corp. is one example of such a component targeting automotive E/E (electrical/electronic) architectures.

This N-channel high-side switch with an on-resistance (RDS(ON)) of 2.3 mΩ (typical)/3.0 mΩ (maximum) includes features beyond its built-in charge pump and 3.3-/5 V-compatible logic-level interface, which the vendor maintains makes it an “intelligent power device” (IPD) (Fig. 1).

It offers an advanced current-detection function that allows for highly accurate detection of abnormal currents including overcurrent, via proportional load-current sensing, and a defined fault signal in case of abnormal load condition. Since this switch detects abnormal currents even at low loads, it enables engineers to design safe and precise power-control systems that can detect even the smallest abnormalities.

The switch is suitable for resistive, inductive, and capacitive loads. Beyond its basic functions and enhanced features, the AEC-Q100-qualified switch comes in a small TO-252-7 package (Fig. 2). It reduces the mounting area by about 40% compared to the widely used, conventional TO-263 package.

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