1- And 3-Axis Accelerometers Offer Stability And Low Noise

July 1, 1999

High stability and low noise are offered by the LF Series of single- and 3-axis accelerometers. The devices are suited for applications in inertial measurements, seismic vibration sensing, directional drilling, automotive testing, stabilization, precision tilt/sway, and orientation measurements. The LF Series accelerometers are claimed as the only devices in their class that cost less than $500 per axis. These precision ±1G and ±2G acceleration sensors have a dc to 100 Hz bandwidth and a noise floor of 100 µG/RtHz that delivers resolution on very small signals. Low bias drift makes the sensors well suited for dc applications. The units operate on a 5 vdc supply or an 8 to 30 vdc unregulated supply with the -R option. They provide a direct, high-level analog voltage output that requires no external conditioning and is easily interfaced to standard data acquisition systems.


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