Card Links PC To VXIbus Via High-Speed FireWire Interface

July 1, 1999

By directly connecting personal computers to VXIbus mainframes using the HP E8491B Firewire interface, data blocks greater than 64 KB in size can be transferred over the PC-to-VXI links at rates of 14 MB/s, five times faster than the link’s predecessor. HP E8491B interface card supports up to 16 VXI mainframes with one PC, with each mainframe requiring a single card. And the mainframes can be connected in a daisy-chain, tree, or star configuration.The high data transfer rates possible with FireWire, the industry-standard IEEE-1394 interface bus, makes it particularly useful in systems for high-speed testing of wireless, automotive and aerospace/defense products. HP E8491B includes a C-size VXI module with software and an IEEE-1394 cable. A plug-in card is also available for equipping the PC with an open host computer interface (OHCI).


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