March 1, 2007
Maxim Integrated Products' MAX-16823 is a high-voltage, three-channel, linear high-brightness LED driver with open-LED detection for automotive exterior

Maxim Integrated Products' MAX-16823 is a high-voltage, three-channel, linear high-brightness LED driver with open-LED detection for automotive exterior and interior lighting applications. This device operates from a 5.5 V to 40 V input-voltage range, ensuring cold-start and load-dump compliance to 45 V. The LED driver delivers up to 70 mA per channel to one or more strings of high-brightness (HB) LEDs (HB LEDs), while operation above 70 mA is possible with the addition of an external BJT. It also features an active-high, open-drain LED-GOOD output for open-LED detection.

This combination of performance and integration makes the LED driverideal for applications that use HB LEDs for rear combination lamps (RCLs), center high-mounted stop lamps (CHMSL), warning lights, and RGB ambient lighting. Because the current for each channel is programmable using a separate current-sense resistor in series with LEDs, different LED current levels can be set independently for each string. An internal reference provides ±5% LED current accuracy over operating voltage and temperature. Three dimming inputs allow for a range of independent PWM dimming, as well as on/off output-enable control.

Wave-shaping circuitry minimizes EMI during low-frequency PWM dimming while providing fast turn-on and turn-off times. Additionally, a very low-dropout voltage (0.7 V maximum per channel) simplifies low-input voltage designs. A 3.4 V regulator can supply 4 mA to external circuitry. The IC also features output short-circuit and overtemperature protection and UVLO.

The MAX16823 is specified for the automotive temperature range. It is available in a 16-pin, TQFN (MAX16823ATE+) or TSSOP (MAX16823AUE+) package with exposed pad. Prices start at $0.99 for the MAX16823ATE+ and $0.97 for the MAX16823AUE+ for 1000 pieces.
Maxim Integrated Products


Microchip Technology's PICDEM system management kit is a demonstration and training tool for individuals designing larger, computer-based systems. The system management board integrates common functions, such as a dedicated real-time clock (RTC), serial EEPROM, thermal-management, ADC and power sequencing into a single PIC microcontroller. Many complex, multifunction systems can benefit from a single PIC microcontroller programmed to perform these tasks.

The PICDEM system management kit also includes a PICkit serial analyzer, to demonstrate how the functions can be managed and monitored through a serial communications interface. The serial analyzer is a low-cost development tool that allows communication between a PC and the serial protocol of the system under test.

Available now, the PICDEM system management kit (part No. DM164123) is $110 and includes a system management demo board, PICkit serial analyzer, USB cable and instructional CDs.
Microchip Technology
(480) 792-7200


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