Valeo multi-camera system in BMW 7 series

March 5, 2009
BMW ( has selected a Valeo ( multi-camera system for BMW’s 7 Series.

BMW has selected a Valeo multi-camera system for BMW’s 7 series. The current system uses three cameras and an upgraded system will use five to provide a panoramic view of the vehicle’s environment. Valeo is also working to combine its Park4U system, which is based on ultrasonic sensors, with its multi-camera systems. A rear camera integrated into the tailgate handle makes parking simpler and allows drivers to park in very narrow spaces. The camera provides wide-angle images of the area behind the vehicle and displays precise distances as lines on the image. The lines become dynamic to illustrate the trajectory when the driver begins a maneuver. Ultrasonic sensors allow the system to detect and display any obstacle behind the vehicle. Cameras display the area to the front of the vehicle, monitoring cars, bicycles, and pedestrians, and displaying the wide-angle image on a screen for the driver. Valeo has 121 production sites, 61 R&D centers, 10 distribution platforms, and employs 51,200 people in 27 countries worldwide.


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