Xilinx's logiCRAFT3 multimedia display platform targets infotainment

Feb. 14, 2008
Xilinx, Inc. (www.xilinx.com) has introduced the logiCRAFT3 Compact Multimedia Display Development Platform, based on Xilinx XA Spartan-3E field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).

Xilinx, Inc. has introduced the logiCRAFT3 Compact Multimedia Display Development Platform, based on Xilinx XA Spartan-3E field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). Developed in collaboration with Xylon (www.logicbricks.com), the platform enables module designers to use Xilinx XA programmable devices in a wider array of in-vehicle display systems.

Nick DiFiore, automotive systems architecture and solutions manager in Xilinx's Automotive Division, says that the increasing number of automotive displays and the emergence of hybrid clusters-analog gauges, LCD/TFT displays and in-vehicle cameras-increases the need for small form factor, rapid development platforms.

DiFiore said the logiCRAFT3 platform combines the low cost and small footprint of XA Spartan-3E FPGAs and the Xilinx 32-bit MicroBlaze soft microprocessor with pre-configured graphic and display controller IP modules from the Xylon logicBRICKS library. The platform also supports Altia graphical user interface tools for faster development of custom display content and user interfaces without the need for custom software.

Xylon chief executive officer Davor Kovacec added that the logiCRAFT3 can fit behind and drive any TFT display 7 inches or larger, and can go directly into headrests for in-vehicle demonstration, prototyping and testing. In rear-seat entertainment applications the platform allows for reduced wiring complexity between the infotainment master board and vehicle headrests with the capability to transport audio, video, user control information, and power over a simple four-wire (two twisted pair) high-speed serial link.

The logiCRAFT3 platform features 2-D graphics acceleration and a 60-frame/second display rate for smooth rotation of on-screen gauges. Vehicle diagnostic data can be brought to the board and displayed using the available CAN interface. A camera, for applications like parking aid, can also be connected with available video scaling for any display size/resolution.

The logiCRAFT3 boards can be purchased from Xylon starting in the first quarter of 2008. Prices range from $1,295 for the logiCRAFT3 board with the smallest XA 3S250E device up to $1,895 USD with the largest XA 3S1200E device.

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