Electrophoretic-Wrapped BMW Changes Color on the Fly

Jan. 25, 2022
E Ink had a lot to show at CES 2022, including an e-paper covered car from BMW and a new laptop from Lenovo that uses electrophoretic displays.

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E Ink and BMW made a big splash at this year's Consumer Electronics Show with a car wrapped in e-paper. The custom BMW iX Flow can change color at the touch of a button (see figure). It can flash to let you find your car when you forget where it was parked, or it can change color to optimize solar heating and cooling. 

E Ink and Lenovo also were sharing the spotlight with a dual display laptop (Fig. 2). One was a conventional touchscreen that's available when you open the clamshell laptop. The other was an E Ink display that was accessible when the laptop is closed. It's also a touchscreen interface. 



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