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Chip Shortages and Counterfeits: Reaching a Critical Stage

June 21, 2021
Global chip shortages give rise to more counterfeits. These articles explore multiple facets of this mounting concern.

This article is part of TechXchangeChip Shortages and Counterfeits

A number of factors have caused the global chip shortages that are creating problems for applications such as cars. Though we’re not running out of every kind of chip, the inability to acquire sufficient quantities of a single, critical chip can prevent finishing an automobile or other device.

The current supply change issues may be short-term, but engineers should take these sourcing issues into account, not just procurement professionals. Likewise, companies need to be aware of potential counterfeits in their supply chain, especially those that may deal with the gray market.

This TechXchange brings together content that covers different aspects of the chip shortages, from dealing with counterfeit parts to getting ahead of product obsolescence.