High-End FPV Goggles Ideal for Drone Pilots

July 5, 2023
Orqa's goggles provide first-person viewing to put you in the cockpit of a drone.

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Orqa is really into first-person viewing (FPV) goggles. These can be used with drones and robots to provide a person with an immersive view of what's seen by the drone. This is a requirement for drone racing where drones need to fly through an obstacle course at ridiculous speeds, as well as using drones that are beyond line of sight (BLOS). Liz Sugano, Head of Marketing and Pilot Sponsorship at Orqa, shows off the company's line of goggles (see video above)

The FPV.One series targets pilots and racers. There's also a more rugged series for military and rugged applications. On top of that, they have drones targeting this space, but they won't be found on their website that caters to end-users. 

Orqa also has hardware such as the F405 3030 FC flight controller (see figure), which is used in their drones. The flight controller is compatible with software like PX4, Ardupilot, iNav, and BetaFlight.

The F405 is available with different IMU options and can connect to a GPS/magnetometer. It features an on-board barometric altimeter and can control up to eight motors. 


The video transcript below has been edited for clarity. 

So, we are Orqa. We work in consumer electronics, mostly FPV drones and military- and defense-style drones. Here you can see we have our FPV goggles. These are used by the pilots. They wear them on their eyes so that they can see the first person view from the small video cameras that are at the front of our drones. 

These are our consumer line of our goggles, our military line of our goggles, and this is just the controller that is used to be able to control the drone. So it's done on four axes. You have pitch, you have roll, you have YA, you have throttle. You're going to be able to, with the consumer line, go out about two kilometers. With our military line, you're going to be able to go out about 10 kilometers. 

Great radio frequency. Everything's done on sub-2.4 GHz. This is our military-style drone that can go out about 10 kilometers, carries 2.2 kilos of weight on it. It is designed to be a one-use drone. It's going to go in, it's going to hit its target. It's going to do what it needs to do. Our goggles here are how all of our pilots are capable of seeing while they're flying these drones through this little camera

Right here in front are all of the electronics that we use inside of our drone. This is our dual-band, sub-2.4 GHz, which runs on two different radio frequencies. We have our ESC here, and this is what controls all of the motors and everything. And then our flight controller controls the rest of the electronics. 

Our module is what connects into the back of our controllers and able to control our radio links. We are NDA-certified and manufactured in the EU. We are the only company to not use a single Chinese product. 

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